Issue 21   1 -15 March 1990
Reading Women's Week
Violence: coppers cop-out
Filipinos spread their wings
Interviews: Lush, International Rescue

Issue 23   30 March - 12 April 1990
What Next For The Biscuit Base
Theatre For The Deaf
Running Round Reading
What Goes On Full Entertainments Guide
Issue 22   16 - 29 March 1990
Old Coley in print
Bugs Bottom: We know where the Minister lives
...and of course The Poll Tax
Interviews: Aqua Levi, Pressgang

Issue 24   13 - 26 April 1990
Inside Reading Gaol
Night Life And The Town Centre
Poll Tax: An Innocent Goes To Town
Interviews: Montserrat, Peter Pegnall
Mista Justa Moment