Issue 41   18 - 31 January 1991
The Rising Sun A new lease of life
Greenham Uncommon happiness
Sunday Opening small shops strike back
Interviews: Hazel O'Connor, The Reason, The Candles

Issue 43   1 - 14 March 1991
Genocide in Kashmir
Sara Parkin Green Dynamics
Interviews: Carter That Unstoppable Sex Machine,
Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Back Beat Band
Issue 42   15 - 28 February 1991
Caversham Lakes opening up Oxfordshire
How Berkshire began
Reading and the Gulf
Remembering Robin Friday

Issue 44   15 - 31 March 1991
Mother of The Disappeared - Gladys Villalobos
Broken Brows at Shire Hall
Interviews: Phoenix Dance, Black Mime Theatre,
Bison Tribe, Inti Rayami, Mandy Monckom
Mista Justa Moment