Loss of Light
Plans to support my Right to Light based on the guidelines of 45 and 60 degrees,
from the links below regarding Overshadowing/Loss of Light and Right to Light.
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The Application was approved

1 The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of 3 years from the date of this permission.
2 The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the plans...
From the DELEGATED_OFFICER_REPORT   My Observations
The existing dwelling has an existing ground floor extension projecting from the rear, which sits beneath a pitched roof. The existing extension has a footprint of approximately 2.58m by 1.82m.


The proposal seeks permission to extend the existing ground floor extension to create a first floor storey. The footprint of the existing extension would remain unaltered, only extending in height.
  Where does 2.58m come from ?

Firstly I must apologies for my fundamental inaccuracies whilst scaling these plans on our interactive system. Unfortunately the scale on the computer system was not configured correctly and I accept responsibility for this. Although there are these clear failings in my Officer Report the outcome is not affect as the report is not legally binding; the decision notice is the document that is used to grant approval. The outcome of this application was based on a thorough investigation on site rather than these measurements.
During the visit it was noted that the north facing rooms located on the rear of No. 56, at present, do not benefit from great amounts of sunlight.   Sounds like a good reason to not reduce the light level any further.
The existing roof tiles being formed of asbestos cement tiles, rather than natural slate stated in the application form
Response: Issues concerning asbesto is covered by environmental legislation and is beyond the control of planning. The responsibility of ensuring safety during the construction rests with the developer.
  I notice (at least) one broken tile. Has it been tested for asbestos?
How is it proposed to remove and dispose of possible hazardous materials?

Matters of maintence
Response: Maintence is a civil issue and thus a private concern between residents.

  How would it be rendered/painted given the position of the guttering and its down pipe along the boundary?
Would it still be possible to clean the outside windows? The proposed wall is inches away.
Extract of an email from Cornwall Council:  

Please be assured that planning permission does not grant the right for trespassing, as this would be a matter dealt with outside of the realm of planning. You may wish to take private legal advice in regards to civil matters which include the issues of scaffolding on your land.

Extract of an email from Redruth Town Council:  

There are however matters to do with Building regulations, such as the boundary issues, which you will need to keep an eye on, so having your deeds to hand may be useful. I remember when my daughter had her extension built that they were not allowed to build on the party wall, so had to make their extension slightly smaller, and that may apply to this one too.

Did my neighbours not consider that when they chose not to seek a compromise, they might later need my co-operation ???
Overshadowing/Loss of Light   An extension should be kept as far as possible from neighbouring windows and boundaries.
Right to light - RICS   In your home, just over half the room should be lit by natural light.
Right to light: What every property owner should know   The most common problem is where the neighbour has a window on the side of their house, to which light is blocked by a high wall ... even after planning permission has been granted ... , they have the right to oppose the extension being built.
Home extensions: don't let your plans go to the party wall   The Party Wall Act protects you and your neighbours during any home improvements – failure to follow the correct procedures could land you with a hefty bill.
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