Loss of Light
My new neighbours had rendered/painted part of their rear wall.
In conversation over the garden wall, I asked why?
They planned to build a bathroom extension above their kitchen.

The implications and effect on my home gradually became clearer...
  On eventually meeting me to discuss my concerns,
I heard they had hoped to start within 2 weeks,
under Building Regulations, but had no plans to show me.

Chris and Tara said they hoped to find a compromise.
They did not consult me further.
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Outside Overview   Asbestos Cement Roof Tiles ?
Inside Overview   View from Dining Room
Sunight on Kitchen Window   Sunight into Kitchen
Sunset from Bedroom Window   Sunight into Bedroom
>> Plans showing Overshadowing/Loss of Light <<
Instead they have opted for a far larger structure than I had imagined they intended, or even possible. While the Proposals note my bathroom, they fail to mention the kitchen with its clear west facing window.

I find it hard to believe that it is proposed to build a wall directly in front of the windows of my kitchen extension, given the position of the guttering and its down pipe along the boundary? I see no proposal to address this issue, despite mentioning my concerns to my neighbours.
  The proposal states '... to lessen the impact on neighbouring properties'.
The plans submitted seem to maximise the impact on my home.

The Town Council RESOLVED by Majority to Recommend for Refusal on the grounds that the scale of extension indicated would reduce light to the adjoining property...
>> see decision and further comments <<
The most important factors planners take into account   ... whether it will cause you to lose a significant level of sunlight and daylight; ...
and whether you would feel a greater sense of enclosure, or a feeling of being hemmed in,
in your property because of the close proximity and height of the extension.
Overshadowing/Loss of Light   An extension should be kept as far as possible from neighbouring windows and boundaries.
Right to light - RICS   In your home, just over half the room should be lit by natural light.
What to do if your neighbour is planning a home extension   ... a London couple, who now look out of their kitchen window at a brick wall.
Grandmother distraught after her stunning sea view is blocked by a brick wall   ... we objected twice but Cornwall Council passed them and we couldn’t do anything more.
Are these asbestos slates or standard slates?   ... if it's not causing an issue leave well alone and don't touch it.
My Objections 1   Comments regarding application details and size of proposed extension.
My Objections 2   Comments regarding overshadowing, loss of light and outlook.
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