Slim Leopard Files
It's just the sound of dreaming
I thought I heard the phone ring
I thought I heard your voice
I thought that you were here with me
It's just a silent noise

I thought I felt you kiss me
I thought that it was real
I thought a tear rolled down my cheek
It's just the way I feel

I thought of warmer brighter days
I thought of summers dazzling rays
Of loves embracing radiant haze
It's just how I remember
I thought your shining eyes would light
A passage in this lonely night
I thought I saw them burning bright
It's just a glowing ember

I thought about the winter chill
I thought the world had frozen still
And it would stay that way until
It's just the way it's seeming

I thought I heard your lovely voice
I thought I heard my heart rejoice
I thought it's just a silent noise
It's just the sound of dreaming
January 24th 1995
POEM2 slim leopard
painting nr138 jim
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