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The Shape of Things

A cautionary tale of ...
... incompatibility & contradiction
In the beginning there was no TV, till one came from the Maker by way of the the Shop.
Later there was just not much on it.

Given an old VCR (hungry, it liked to munch on tape), there soon came a new model from the Maker, again by way of the Shop.
Films on VHS filled a gap - seemed fewer on TV than there used to be. But those from the USA showed all quashed, the old telly couldn't handle NTSC.

By way of the Shop, from the Maker came a brand new silver wide beast. The clarity of picture was there for all to see! So dazzling, yet, sometimes, a strange bending of the lines - maybe it's the tape, zoom in to put it out of sight, mind.

In time too came DVD, from the Maker, but this time by way of the Dealer, adapted by the Adaptor.
Before long from over the sea it became plain to see, the 'Shape of Things' was not always what it was meant to be.
Various configurations for DVD, it soon became clearer. With wavy vertical, the picture didn't pass the VCR, but straight it went right through.
On VHS which were bent?
All with a logo saying cp,
... and others to variable extent.
Ah! Seems to me, maybe the TV has some trouble with cp? Probably needs adjusting somehow, an engineer could do it quite easily.
Dealer: "sounds like a fault with the TV"
Shop: "maybe a fault with the DVD?"
Engineer 1: "you've got a problem, more than than you described. Can't fix it"
Message from the Maker: "our TV has no problem with cp"

Engineer 2: "TV tested, no fault. The Adaptor changed the DVD"
Me: "are not the Adaptor and you of the same company?"
Engineer 3: "aaah ... mmm ... we used to be!"
Me: "but I get this too with VHS. Incompatible you say ..."
The Engineers: "videotape uses a different type of cp from DVD"

Thinks Me: "aah ... oh yes, now I see!!
Obviously no problem with cp"
More on Sony and Macrovision in the My TBOX
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