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fly away seen never again

I just want to fly away and disappear into thin air never to be seen again, thats not a bad bargain diferent eyes to me look at, but the same old feeling.
Seeing is beliving.
Seeing is beliving.

Hay! birds in my garden, flowers too and the bees and not forgetting the grass,
your all part of me!
What makes me what I am!
What makes me what I am!
Where I live, my pets, my posessions, my few friends.
The airplanes that fly above, way above, my head

Concorde! Concorde!!
The most beautiful thing, that I ever have seen.
She's obseen.
She's so good, She's so good,
She's obseen.

I just want to fly on her and disappear in to thin air
In to the sunset, over the horizen, never to be seen again.
Lyric Gareth Evans, Painting Nr138 Mike Brand
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