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the big green empty turbulent city
built over eons
still stands
a lone inhabitant crawls from some debris
yes a structure rising 3 miles had toppled
the foolsd built it too high
and after only 11 , 173 years a seismic disaturbance
localised at the foundation site
set it swaying
then after passing the critical angle of 14 1/2 degrees
dont ask me what that is in radians
well the top fell off
around 2 1/4 miles of the structure still stands
dan dure crawled out
lucky to escape as hed been leaving the ground floor when the masonry clunked down around the base
the mighty dust cloud nearly choked him
should have done really
the miserable toerag don deserve to live
yet who are we
we are not the fates
or whatever
who decide who has a near escape and who doesnt
persaonally im of the school of is
what is simply is
and theres no intervening mystically with celestial or terrestrial mechanics
and so dan dure went to the nearest bar for a pint to toast his good fortune
hey fortuna he says
you save me yet again from a fate equal to death
for what fate is worse than death
why , excruciating prolongued torture of course
but let us not concern ourselves with that
we are here to drink and be merry
for tomorrow dear friends
we may be gone
to the other shore
gone gone gone
to the other shore
oh yeaheaheah
baby's good to me you know shes happy as can be y'know she said so
im in love with her and i feel fine
de de de de de der der der der
de de de de de de der der de der
story * mick, manic eyeball cuba, UV roses jim

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