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Mice and Bugs - Is Norton a virus?
PC chugging away all the time? Not since I got rid of the Norton anti-virus software.

Not just Norton - even smaller, less intrusive anti-virus software slows things down. Getting less frequent lock-ups without Norton...
Still trying to fix it though... These links look like they might help... Any other suggestions?

Also some fixes for the latest delight from Microsoft, affecting (XP) Internet Explorer users! More promotion for Firefox...

Some of these fixes interfere with one another if used on the same page, so beware...!
amara software Fix Microsoft "click to activate and use this control" message
Crap Cleaner
Ezine Articles Troubleshooting Computer Freeze (Lockup) Problems
Compare mpeg4 codec packs
I'd been using the old Microsoft mpeg4 codecs to backup video and animation files, due to their ability to compress to small .avis of reasonable quality. It was not possible however to configure them in any way...

Also being unable to work with the old files on a different machine, I set about finding a codec package which would allow me to import to and export from Flash, Premiere etc. with a Windows XP operating system. I settled on the Angel Potion pack, with a good set of mpeg4 codecs.

The mpeg4 v1, v2, v3 codecs were also configurable so I thought I'd install the package back on the old PC, which has a Windows '98 operating system.
While I could use them to export .avi files, on closing the software being using, invalid page fault errors which could not be closed, meant a reboot was needed each time to continue working! ... in the end I uninstalled Angel Potion which also removed all the old mpeg4 codecs it had presumably overwritten.

So I had to find the old Microsoft MPEG-4 VKI Video Codec and added a K-Lite codec pack (windows '98 version), which includes, along with Media Player Classic, a very usable Xvid mpeg4 codec, which it is possible to configure over a wide quality range.

Audio codecs is another matter...?
K-Lite codec pack
Media Player Classic 6.4
Virtual Dub
Turntable Hum
How to reduce/remove the causes of hum that your cartridge may be picking up.


Total Sounds Dj Equipment Reading.
DVD-RAM to DVD-R conversion notes
DVD-RAM as used in Panasonic DVD recorders are nice and versatile for recording TV. What if you want to convert/transfer these files to DVD-R so you can play in a wider range of players?


eRightSoft >> Super Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer.
kickme.to/DVDpatcher Useful for correcting aspect ratio in mpeg files.
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