The best value sites for reviews, rare items or valuations.
Play, PlayUSA and HMV
Delivery included. Similar prices to Amazon, but check both sites for offers etc.


No extra shipping costs, but you will have to pay VAT(customs) on imported orders over about £18. DVDs are usually sent singly so customs charges are usually avoided.
As the DVDs now seem to be posted from the UK, imports from PlayUSA can actually arrive before their US/Canada release date!

The range of stock on these sites is not as large as Amazon, and information on products can be so minimal that you don't know what is on sale, particularly in the case of PlayTrade.
HMV Buy Music CDs, DVDs, Games, Consoles, Blu Ray, MP3s & More Now Rakuten
Find that book
Online bookstores. From all over the world, with realistic postage costs. Often better value than amazon or eBay.


Online resources of small booksellers, offering good personal service. They can supply rare and hard-to-find books that the bigger sellers won't bother with. Search 13,500 booksellers selling 80 million books. Search more than 60 million new, second-hand, out-of-print, and rare books, from the U.K., Europe, and around the world. Compare prices on over 125 million books for sale new • used • rare • out of print • international • textbooks
The Book Depository Cheap books with free delivery worldwide!!!
Spanish shopping sites
Fnac, DVDGO, El Corte Inglés , Casa del Libro.... Shipping from Spain, delivery charges can be pricey for small orders. FNAC has sites in other countries too. DVDGO easiest to use, but FNAC has better stock.


These sites offer a selection of region 2 DVDs, books and more. Films are often released on DVD in Spain earlier than the UK, and Spanish films (often subtitled) are not always easily available outside of Spain. Subtitles are usually optional, though method of switching can vary, sometimes requiring specific navigation.
I had difficulties with all these sites either registering or getting a full first order problem-free. It'd be much easier if there were an, which there now is!
Casa del libro Spanish online bookshop. Easy to use, but some books listed are not available.
DVDGO Spanish site with English website option, but inconsistent delivery and customer care.
El Corte Inglés Spanish site with fiddly registration/order process. Listed items not always available.
Fnac Spanish site selling DVDs, books etc. Best prices but delivery charges quite high.
CD sales and distribution
independent musicians.

for the best
CD baby Sales and distribution for the best independent musicians.
Indie Pool Canada's largest provider of independent music services.
MapleMusic - Promoting Canadian Music, Bands and Artists.
Amazon (R2)
European sites. Shipping from United Kingdom, Germany and France, usually free to within the country ordered from, above a certain order value. Best source of reference, even if buying elsewhere. Amazon is now a last resort, rather than a first stop!


Good selection of region 2 DVDs, PAL videos, books and more. The non-UK sites are worth checking for alterative releases, sometimes not available in the UK. The marketplace sellers on the UK site are a good way of importing from North America, with reasonable shipping charges.

I purchased a Vantage X221 TS CI USB combo satellite receiver from HM-Sat-Shop though the marketplace. When it arrived, the model sent was of a different finish and specification, and also turned ot to be faulty!
I contacted HM-Sat-Shop, who asked me to return it, stating that under their guarantee (as published on, they would cover the postage costs. Rather than replacing it, they repaired the receiver and sent it back to me. No sign of any refund, no help from amazon a-z claim guarantee, I eventually got the £30.49 shipping cost refunded by my credit company. United Kingdom site German site French site
Amazon (R1)
North American sites. Standard US shipping takes a week or so to the UK. Standard shipping from Canada is surface and takes a few weeks! Check the UK site first for less obscure stuff.


A wide range of region 1 DVDs, NTSC video, books and more. The US site is particularly good for reviews and reference, even if buying elsewhere. The Z-shops on the US site are a good place to look for hard-to-find stuff, but the overseas shipping rates for the marketplace sellers are high, especially on DVDs. Canadian site American site
DVDs CDs Records and Books
Other Online Sellers.

Many of these sellers sell through Amazon or Play, but also have there own websites.
indierecordshop Website dedicated to independent record shops in the UK >> Gumtree.
PsychoBabel Books and Journals
steelwheels On our website you'll be able to choose from a vast selection of rare and deleted records, cd's, tapes, promos, posters and other memorabilia plus look at an enormous new back catalogue.
DVD compare
DVD comparisons R1, R2, R4. Compares european, north american and australian releases.


This comparison site gives useful information which shopping sites don't always cover, like whether subtitles are forced or not. Comparison of DVD releases R1, R2, R4.
Can't find that film?
Alternatives to eBay.


You can often find rare stuff on eBay, often at bargain prices, but these other sites may be worth checking out for stuff you can't find elsewhere.
eBay (UK) Good source of unexpected oddities. Good US site - they also sell via eBay and amazon, with prices for similar items varying widely.
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