A guide to venues in Cornwall, how to get there ... and back without a car !
Main Venues
  - accessible by train and bus
Hidden Gems
  - you might need to walk home

The Poly, Falmouth
Almost the only place to see independent film in Cornwall. An Arts Centre with regular exhibitions, music, theatre, workshops and other events.

Acorn Theatre, Penzance
The main music venue in Cornwall, with a wide variety of gigs. Also theatre and more.

Old Bakery Studios, Truro
Grass roots music + theatre & comedy ...

Guildhall, St Ives
Worth a mention for Natalie Merchant on 13 July 2018 - fortunately a Friday.

Hall for Cornwall, Truro

St Austell Arts Centre


Dreamers Folk, Four Lanes
Folk club every Sunday evening, with guest nights about once a month - some real treats!
  - L1 bus from Redruth, 2 mile walk back

Tolmen Centre, Constantine
A varied arts programme, but inaccessible.
  - 35/35A bus there, but after that you're stuck

Quarterly magazine includes listings for -

Village Hall, Devoran
  - less than 1 mile walk to Perranwell station

Bodmin Folk Club
  - a trek to Bodmin Parkway station

The Countryman, Piece
  - 2 mile walk from/to Redruth or Camborne

Coming soon to Cornwall
While it's relatively easy to get to venues by train or bus, getting back home can be a challenge.
The guide below gives some idea of which days you might have to leave early.
Bus times are only given for connections and later journeys.

Station to Station
Station to Station

Great Western Rambles



Transport Links
The quickest and most comfortable way to travel. Great value, especially with a Devon & Cornwall Railcard.

Transport for Cornwall
Thankfully now running most routes within Cornwall, with services cut by First Kernow over the years restored and more affordable day tickets.

Cornwall by Kernow
Journeys cut even further on the routes/times they still run. Price rises well above those of rail fares make these buses expensive, if too young to have a bus pass or too old to have a smartphone.




Late/Last Train & Bus Times (2020 pre-Covid)
  Trains + connections Buses
Penzance M-F 2210   2249 T1 to Redruth
Sat 2130   2249 T1 to Redruth
Sun 2138   ----
St Ives
- St Erth
M-F 2137 - 2150
2236 - 2249
2217/2231 west + 2218 east
>> PZ + 2303 T1 bus to Redruth
Sat 2205 - 2217 >> PZ + 2303 T1 bus to Redruth  
Sun ----    
- Truro
M-F 2213 - 2238
2321 - 2346
2302 west + 2248 east
2354 west
2222 U2 to Redruth
2252/2352 U1 to Truro
Sat 2215 - 2239
2313 - 2338
---- (+ 2240 T1 bus to Penzance)
---- (+ 2340 T1 bus to Camborne)
2222 U2 to Redruth
2252/2352 U1 to Truro
Sun 2123 - 2145
2235 - 2301
2159/2227 west + 2215 east
Truro M-F 2232/2302/2354 west
2248 east
  2235 T1 to Penzance
2335 T1 to Camborne
Sat 2159/2232 west
2208 east
  2235 T1 to Penzance
2335 T1 to Camborne
Sun 2159/2227 west
2215 east
Times for guidance only - please check timetables for alterations + additional seasonal journeys
Night Riviera no longer available for local journeys