The Sound of Safestyle
Strong and Robust
the best acoustic & thermal performance
there is no remedial work to be carried out
this is The Sound of Safestyle
Poor quality installation, windows misaligned
gaps in seals leading to draft & external noise
remedial work carried out only after writing to CEO
this is the Service of Safestyle
note: low frequency audio best heard through good quality headphones or loudspeakers
  The first Sound of Safestyle Windows on a breezy night - wav file
  The second Sound of Safestyle Windows on a breezy night - wav file
  2 minutes 50 seconds of Safestyle Windows on a breezy night - m4a file
The source of the noise, eventually identified as being from inside the roof above the bay windows,
served to highlight the shortcuts taken in the installation, with a noticeable draft in the same region.
The detailed investigation and remedial work involved several journeys from the north of England
to Cornwall, and the time taken was more than the original installation !
What Our Customers Say About Us   At Safestyle we’re passionate about customer feedback and we rely on customer reviews to help us improve our service and offer the best possible experience.
2 Reviews of   I had a very bad experience with safestyle and I posted a review on their website. My review was not good and they decided not post it online. They only post what they like and not real customers feed back.
Read Customer Service Reviews   Safestyle rude and ignoring me again. Its been about 3 months since safestyle fitted my windows and my god what a nightmare that was.
Safestyle UK - Totally unprofessional   After installation, all the windows are now noisier and colder than before... They are cold and noisy and whistle badly on windy days.
Mis sold, ripped off, devestated   In the end & in total desperation we sent a recorded delivery letter to the CEO Mr. Steve Birmingham who then sent a surveyor, [after the same problems winter 2013] he came in March, & took photos & made an 11 page report, he told us it was the shoddiest job he'd come across!!!
Then they phoned to ask ... would I recommend them?
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